Thursday, December 3, 2009

On the Las Vegas Hostels

Seriously, Phil... Good Job. I am just going to post a link to where Phil booked us for our time in Cairns. Gilligan's. Granted the ratings on HostelWorld were high (I wonder why...), which is where he booked it. In the future, Phil, check out the site before you book, I need be prepared and be sure to bring my muscle shirts and aviators. It's gonna be a good time regardless, just gonna have to drink more Red Bull. Just sayin'....

Edit: Christina Aguilera singing Dirty over the speakers in reception FTW!


  1. It calls itself "the G spot". Wasn't that a good clue as to it's clientele base?

  2. I swear I did not know any of this before I booked it ;)