Saturday, December 12, 2009

On Kangaroo, Closure and Being Manly

Today we had one goal, make it to Manly Beach. Goal was accomplished, but it was a little annoying to get it done. Turns out the subway has a citywide closure for this weekend. They have buses replacing the train lines (no idea where they got all of the extra buses from), but it was kind of a pain dealing with them. We ended up walking much of the way that we were planning on taking the train. Oh well. We made it to the wharf, so that we could grab the ferry over to the beach, and stopped and did a bit of gift shopping at the local farmers market. Some really awesome stuff being sold down there.

The ferry ride was pretty cool. It took about half an hour, and we just cruised just about the entire harbor. There was a good wind on the water so the sail boats were out in force.

We grabbed some lunch once we go there, and I finally got to have some kangaroo!

We spent a few hours on the beach, fully protected from the sun, but not the wind and sand. Manly Beach is a very windy beach. We covered with a fine layer of sand rather quickly, but what ever. It was a great day and we were hanging out on a pretty sweet beach. Game on!

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  1. Oh no, that sucks that Manly was windy! I've been there a bunch over the years and now wind. Sounds like it's been windy in general in Oz lately though, red dust storms shutting down the city and all. Glad you had fun anyway.