Monday, December 14, 2009

On Getting Home and More Time Travel

We are home.

We slept through the first two of three alarms that I set, but we made the flights and are now home in San Francisco. It was a long flight even though it took us negative 45 minutes to do it. Lots of reading, movie watching, sudoku, sleeping and wearing the neck pillow got us here. Phil watched a bunch of movies and slept mostly. Maybe did some sudoku as well. Oh and you should ask him about the awesome book he was reading. Jaguars that are 5 feet tall at the shoulder. Exciting! I watched part of a movie, slept about an hour and read those ridiculously expensive books I bought in Australia.

Luckily, the jet lag hasn't been too bad, so Sunday wasn't too bad. We're getting close to wrapping things up here on the blog. Just a few more posts to wrap things up!

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