Tuesday, December 1, 2009

On Christchurch

It's lame. Well, I'm being a little harsh, but I haven't been impressed with it thus far. It reminds me of L.A. with crappier weather. There weren't any places worth eating last night, so we ended up eating at McDonalds. I never thought I'd eat there again, but it was between that and KFC. But, fortunately, Christchurch was just our entry and exit point to the south island. We leave today for Australia and warm sandy beaches. NZ has been amazing, and we're so grateful that we got a chance to visit this small paradise nestled in the southern corner of the globe. Now it's time to duct tape the car up, turn it in, hop on a plane, and move on.

Until next time...


  1. "Lame" is the word I was hoping you'd never have to use, Phil :)

    Looks like Les and you are having an amazing time. Next time, you need to visit India!

    - Darshan