Monday, November 30, 2009

On Close Calls

We have not been in any physical danger while driving yet, but we have been in danger of being stranded in the middle of no where without any gas... twice. Yeah, we're just awesome like that. The first time was when we drove up to Milford Sound. We had just over half a tank of gas and there are no services at the Sound. So we had to make the return trip on what we had. We rolled in that night with just over an eighth of tank. It wasn't as close as I thought it was going to be. There was a point on the way there in the morning that I was sure we were going to run out of gas 25-50 kilometers from Te Anau. Luckily, I just I had the wrong distance figures in my head.

Our second close call was on our drive from Queenstown to Franz Josef. We nearly had to coast in with our gas light on and about 1/16th of a tank of gas. This one actually turned out to be a closer call than we were expecting. But all is well, and we have not needed a tow... yet. There is still time to mess this up. Franz Josef to Christchurch tomorrow. It's go time.

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